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Philosophy and Methods

My philosophy of the paranormal:


What is a ghost? No one really knows for sure. When it comes to investigating ghosts and hauntings, there are plenty of theories out there, but the hard evidence is, well, still lacking. Now, I don't want to discount in any way the personal paranormal experiences people have. Unlike some in the field of paranormal research, I do believe that people are experiencing things that are at the very least unexplainable and at most supernatural. It is not "all in your head". There is truly something "out there" worthy of exploration. What that "something" is though....well, that's the mystery now isn't it? 


When it comes to ghosts and hauntings, my philosophy is simple. It involves using scientific methods within a Christian perspective. I collect data in hopes of documenting paranormal activity. I am all about eliminating natural causes in reportedly haunted locations and then creating a theory or theories on the unexplained.


Here's how I do what I do:


First off, I ask individuals to complete a brief survey called the Survey of Strange Events:  

Survey of Strange Events

This helps me to better evaluate what exactly is going on. It is also a way for me to look for patterns across various cases.

I'm also sensitive to the fact that not everyone wants others to know about their experiences.  Because of this, I offer a form for participants to sign if they are concerned about confidentiality. 

Next, I interview individuals about their experiences, investigate the location myself, do research into the history of the location, evaluate the data I collect and follow up at a later date on what I've found. From that point, I will do my best to work with witnesses on what they'd like to see happen next.

IMPORTANT: Please see the contact page for my policy on investigating private homes.

Finally, I understand the importance of rigorous, consistent, well organized data collection and analysis, ethical research practices regarding individuals and locations, and responsible reporting of results.


Above all, I strive to treat all individuals and locations with the utmost care and respect.

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