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Haunted Couch


This is a video of my very first investigation on Waco's haunted couch.

EVP Experiment

This is the result of an EVP experiment I did in my very non-haunted house.  I took random digital recordings on different days at different times of day and got this "voice".  I was the only one in the house with no radio, TV, etc. on.  The windows weren't open and there weren't people outside.  I plan to continue studying this. Initially, I'm thinking EVP's can be heard in many different places--haunted or not which makes me ask, what exactly are they?

Palace Theater, Marlin, TX

Electrical anomalies were caught on a trifield meter in apartments next to the Palace Theater in Marlin. There was no electricity running to the apartments and an electrical box on the other side of one cement wall was identified and ruled out. While these measurments were being taken, another investigator turned on a ghost box which is designed to scan radio stations. Instead of scanning, it stayed on a single station. A few minutes earlier, another investigator captured an EVP that sounded like a female voice said "I died". I have no explanation for the electrical anomalies that affected the ghost box and the trifield meter. Further investigation is needed. At about the 43 second mark, there is a possible EVP. Would love feedback on what you think it says.

For even more videos, check out the Waco Ghosts YouTube Channel

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